Siberian Husky puppies

Siberian Husky dogs

Siberian huskies are gorgeous working dogs that much resemble the Alaskan Malamute. These dogs originate from the freezing temperatures of Siberia and eventually were introduced to North America through Alaska. Famous for their ice-blue eyes and their wolf-like appearance, huskies have been used as sled dogs and show dogs for many years. Regardless of their working dog history, Siberian huskies also make wonderful pets! Ideal for homes with yardspace and cooler temperatures, this breed is as lovable as it is graceful. Bearing strong ties to their ancestral wolves, the huskies are known to howl rather than bark, and love nothing more than a good run or game of fetch! Short obedience training classes by the owner are recommended for this breed, as its hunting drive may translate into hyperactivity. But do not be misled! Siberian huskies can be calm and a pleasure to have around the home! These dogs are outgoing and gentle, lacking of possesive and aggressive traits.

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