Native American Indian dogs

Native American Indian puppies

The Native American Indian Dog® (NAID®) is being selectively bred to recreate the appearance and versatility of the original dogs of Native Americans. Dogs were the only beast of burden utilized by Native Americans before the Spaniards introduced the horse in the mid 1500's and were an integral part of village life. Dogs would pull a travois carrying the family's belongings, hunt and fish, and were "babysitters" for the children and elderly when the women were gathering berries and herbs. Historical documents authored by missionaries, trappers, explorers and entrepreneurs recorded what life was like for the "Natives" and their dogs and many included drawings, paintings and photographs. It is upon this documentation that the breed was founded and then the name was trademarked by Mrs. Karen Markel, Majestic View Kennels, in the mid-1990's. The NAID® today has proven to be a nationally recognized and registered dog breed exhibiting traits the Native Americans admired in their ancestral dogs. They are highly intelligent, versatile, enjoy extended longevity, and are hypoallergenic. They are used as excellent hunting companions, therapy dogs, handicap assist dogs, Search & Rescue animals, weight competition draught pullers, skijoring dogs, and exceptional family companions.

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