German Shepherd Puppies

German Shepherd Puppies for Sale

One cardinal rule for this handsome breed is to train with animal instincts. To be happy, the German Shepherd needs a firm pack leader along with a daily task. Angry or abrupt behavior will do you a disservice in learning the true nature of your family friend. The intellect level of this breed is so coveted that they do well in the roles of security, military or rescue. Sense of smell is sensitive, making them a favorite of the boys in Blue. Due to their coats, daily brushings are best, eventhough this breed is a heavy seasonal shedder.

German Shepherd Dogs for sale

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Ronn Hudson
German Shepherd Puppies
German Shepherd Puppies
Vom Rheinlander German Shepherds
Vom Rheinlander German Shepherds is an old established kennel in Southern California est 1961. Our puppies come from parents imported from Germany. We are a small hands-on operation which gives us the ability to interact with our dogs, making them not only superior bree...
2 Years and 10 Months
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